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‘Genes’ Tell A Different Story, And…

Is the six-inch (15cm) skeleton of an alien creature? Scientists have been trying to solve this puzzle for more than a decade. The international community was also curious about the travel of aliens to the Earth. The existence of extra-terrestrial creatures has been the subject of intense debate around the world, with people claiming that they have seen a number of Unidentified Flying Objects (UFOs) in recent times. The strange six-inch skeleton, with a triangular head, further fuelled the speculation.

The tiny skeleton, with just 10 ribs, was found in a Chilean town near the Atacama Desert in 2003. Ata is the common name given to it. A man, named Oscar Muñoz, discovered Ata, while searching for treasures in La Noria, a saltpetre mining town in Chile. Later, he later sold it to Ramón Navia-Osorio, a Spanish businessman. The skeleton is so tiny that it can easily fit into a small leather case. Scientists claimed to have solved the mystery after 18 years.

The 6-inch skeleton

According to scientists, Ata, in realty, is the skeletal remains of a human foetus that has undergone many mutations! The DNA analysis of Ata has revealed that genetic problems led to deformed body structures and unusual bone development. Scientists are of the opinion that unusual mutations were associated with dwarfism and scoliosis. They have opined that the baby died soon after its birth around 40 years ago. The scientists have made it clear that it is not an alien creature, but skeletal remains of a human being.

Once, legendary Italian Physicist and the creator of the world’s first nuclear reactor, Enrico Fermi (September 29, 1901 – November 28, 1954), had said: “If aliens are out there, why haven’t we seen them!” However, the Pentagon has not been able to deny the existence of aliens so far. Those who believe that aliens do exist are of the opinion that there are 400 billion constellations in the solar system, and there are many stars in each constellation. Also, there are millions of galaxies. It would take thousands of light-years to reach the Earth from other galaxies. Hence, it would be an arrogance to claim that life is there only on Earth.


Meanwhile, scientists are still conducting researches to reveal the fact. The US Government has allocated a huge amount for this purpose, apart from creating the Search for Extra-terrestrial Intelligence (SETI), a collective term for scientific searches for intelligent extra-terrestrial life. However, scientists are yet to trace aliens. According to many, the reason may be the location of the Earth. We are at such an end of the solar system, which is surrounded by a variety of radio waves. They make it difficult to trace any other wave. However, the search goes on. On April 24, 1990, the US Government launched a space telescope, named Hubble, aboard the Space Shuttle Discovery, which is currently located about 547km above the Earth’s surface, where it completes 15 orbits per day (or approximately one in every 95 minutes). Since its launch, Hubble has changed our fundamental understanding of the Universe by viewing galaxies with an explosive past. As Hubble has not been working in a proper manner for the past four-five weeks, the US sent a new one, the James Webb Space Telescope, to space on December 24, 2021.

There still exist a speck of doubt. In the last two decades, the US Naval officers have spotted spacecraft in different parts of their country. There was a confusion about those. The Navy, under the auspices of the US Government, has been conducting investigations since 2004. Still, the US Navy does not identify those spacecraft. After a detailed investigation, the Navy submitted its report to the Pentagon. The Department of Defence has submitted a separate report, prepared on the basis of the Navy’s report, to the Government. President Joe Biden has said that although the scientists are yet to trace aliens, it is difficult to deny their existence. In fact, the Pentagon has informed the Government about its helplessness in this matter. In order to cover this helplessness, the concerned authorities in the US have referred to alien spacecraft as Unidentified Aerial Phenomena (UAP), instead of UFO.


In a statement, the Biden Administration has said that the Government has no scientific explanation for the report submitted by the Pentagon. At the same time, the Government has admitted that it would not be possible to deny the existence of aliens, and their spacecraft seen by the Navy officers. The Pentagon, which had set up a task force to investigate those incidents, mentioned in its report that it had registered a total of 143 such incidents since 2004, and at least 21 of them happened 18 times. The Pentagon also mentioned four possible causes of those incidents in its report. In other words, the Defence Department did not fully dismiss the claim made by Navy officers.

Surprisingly, the Pentagon, despite such a massive investigation over the years, has identified one of the four possible causes of those incidents, saying that it could be a different type of spacecraft. As per the statement issued by the Biden Administration, the Pentagon report referred to alien craft, while explaining the technology used in those vehicles. The statement also stressed that even the scientists were not sure whether those were spacecraft of the aliens. It is worth noting that although NASA denied of existence of aliens and their craft in the past, neither the Pentagon nor the Biden Administration has ever done so. It would have been mentioned in the Pentagon’s nine-page report and also in the official statement, if anything like that happened. Instead, new Chief of NASA Clarence William Nelson II has instructed his subordinates to undertake a thorough scientific investigation into the matter. The Biden Government, too, has said that further investigations are required. The Government of the US is considering funding for this venture, development of technology, and recruitment of staff.

Pentagon Office

The Pentagon report has mentioned three more plausible causes. Firstly, it has been stated that those (flying saucers) could be examples of highly secretive technological experiments by rival countries, such as Russia and China. Secondly, they could be a product of the US’ own technological advancement, which could not be noticed or photographed properly for some reason. Finally, the UFOs could be balloons flying in the sky to observe the weather conditions. “In one case, a balloon was spotted,” stressed the Pentagon report.

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