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Bossing Around Banned!

As a lot of works tend to remain unfinished after the office hours, the Bosses might often think that the employees have a lot of spare-time. Hence, it might be one of the reasons that prompts them to make phone calls or to send emails to the employees even after they leave their offices. The Government of Portugal has introduced a Law, barring the bosses from making calls or sending emails to their subordinates after working hours.

As per the new Law, bosses shall not call, text or mail an employee after office hours. It clearly states that if a boss communicates with an employee in any way at the end of a specified period of time, it will be considered a serious offense and may result in a fine, if necessary. In a statement, the Portuguese Government said that the Law was aimed to allow people to spend more time with their families, and to enjoy personal life.

Talking to the local media in Lisbon a couple of days ago, a senior Government official said that employers should respect the privacy of their employees. Furthermore, if an employee thinks that s/he will avail the work from home facility, then it shall be the responsibility of the employers to provide the person with necessary services. In case, an employee has to pay extra cost for traveling to office from her/his residence, then the employer would have to bear that extra cost, as well!

It may be noted that Canada had introduced a similar Law in the past. According to Sociologists, the Work from Home culture, made popular by the COVID-19 Pandemic, has started changing the Social Structure, gradually. Now, various States are showing interest in helping people balance their personal and professional lives.

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