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An Intelligence Coup?

Several countries are targeting spies working for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), the Civilian Foreign Intelligence Service of the Federal Government of the US. They are often getting killed, or being forced to work as double-agents! The New York Times has published such a shocking piece of news, accusing Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan of targeting American spies in recent times. The daily has also reported that they are forced to serve as double agents! As expected, it has begun to have a devastating effect on American spying.

In recent years, adversarial intelligence services in countries, such as Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan, have been hunting down the CIA’s sources and in some cases turning them into double agents,” stated the New York Times.

Top US counterintelligence officials have already warned the CIA establishments across the globe about the troubling number of informants recruited from foreign countries to spy for the US being killed, arrested or most likely compromised. Quoting an unusual top secret cable, the New York Times has mentioned the exact number of informants who were executed by adversarial intelligence agencies in the last few years. The paper further highlighted the struggle faced by the CIA while recruiting spies around the world.

It may be noted that the CIA has heavily invested in Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan and some other countries as a part of its War against Terrorism in the last 20 years. The Agency has also decided to improve intelligence collection in China and Russia, as US policymakers want more insight on adversarial powers. Although the loss of informants is not a new problem for the US intelligence agencies, the gravity of the situation is different now.

Experts are of the opinion that the usage of Artificial Intelligence, Facial Recognition and other sophisticated tools have made it easier for foreign Governments to monitor the movements of US intelligence officers operating in their countries. The monitoring of the intelligence officers could easily lead them to the agents working for the CIA. In a changing Global Geopolitical landscape, the CIA is facing a tough challenge to perform its duties in a proper manner. However, the US Agency cannot blame other countries for forcing the CIA spies to become double agents, as it has been a common practice.

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