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Combating Depression & Loneliness

She dresses up as a bride once a week… on Fridays. Initially, this strange hobby of a mother of four in Lahore, Pakistan shocked her neighbours. Now, they have got accustomed to this. There are various kinds of hobbies in the world. While some are fond of travelling, others are fond of food or reading. Perhaps, no one has heard of the hobby of dressing up as a bride every Friday. The 42-year-old Hira Zeeshan’s hobby is different from others. However, one’s eyes can even turn moist, after getting to know the Truth.

Hira Zeeshan

Hira’s mother fell ill 16 years ago. The mother, a patient of blood cancer, was worried about her daughter’s future. She was on a ventilator at Lahore’s Ganga Ram Hospital in her last days. She wanted her daughter to get married before her demise. A hospital staff donated blood to Hira’s mother at that time. As per her mother’s wish, Hira tied the nuptial knot with that person at the hospital. From there, the new bride had travelled straight to her in-laws on a rickshaw. Talking to the media, Hira said that she got married in the hospital itself to make her mother happy. Her mother passed away within a few days of her marriage and she was absolutely devastated after losing her mother.

Hira had no idea that more suffering was waiting for her. Over the next few years, she lost two of her six children, who died in infancy, which saw Hira going into depression. And, she started dressing like a bride every Friday to combat depression. Now, she lives in Pakistan with her children, while her husband lives in London. “It is very difficult to stay alone, especially for a woman,” said Hira.

Watch: The sad story of Jumma Bride Hira Zeeshan

Hira has stressed that becoming a bride gives her a lot of happiness. Such an act also cuts her loneliness out. She does that every week, without a single break in the past 16 years. Her story is in the headlines in Pakistan nowadays, as she is popularly known as Jumma Bride! “This is all for my husband, and every woman should love and dress up for her man,” added Hira.

Sanjana Rishi with her husband

It may be noted that Sanjana Rishi, an Indian bride, wore a powder-blue pantsuit to her traditional Indian wedding in September 2020. With her choice of wedding outfit, Rishi delivered a bold fashion statement, making many wonder whether more brides would ditch traditional clothing in favour of the power suit. Rishi (30), an Indian-American entrepreneur, married New Delhi-based businessman Dhruv Mahajan (34) in the Indian capital. Rishi, who had worked as a corporate lawyer in the US, returned to India in 2019.

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