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Operation London Bridge

Each and every government prepares a plan in advance to tackle any emergency or untoward situation. However, disclosure of such a plan creates troubles for the government. Currently, the Boris Johnson Government in Britain is facing this problem.

Queen Elizabeth II (b. April 21, 1926) of Britain is living a healthy life even at the age of 95. According to sources close to the British Royal Family, she is physically fit and performing her official duties on a daily basis. However, the Johnson Administration has prepared a plan for the Queen’s funeral! The British Media recently disclosed this information, triggering an uproar in the country. As expected, Prime Minister Johnson is in trouble because of this development. Sources have said that the PM may soon visit the Balmoral Palace to tender an apology to the Queen. Investigators are trying to identify the person who has leaked this information, although the plan has been prepared and amended many times since the 1980s.

PM Boris Johnson

The report has recently been published on a political website, called Politico. The portal has revealed that the code name of the day of the Queen’s demise is D-Day, and the entire plan is called Operation London Bridge. The British PM would be one of the first persons to receive the news of the Queen’s demise. After receiving the information from the Queen’s personal secretary over phone, the PM would make an official announcement in this regard. The British Ministers and Politicians will be notified by phone and email. Even the Politico has revealed the draft of that mail!

The leaked plan not only mentioned the roles of the PM and his Administration, but also the duties of the Royal Family members. As per the plan, all Government Offices will observe one-minute silence and lower the National Flag at half-mast within 10 minutes of receiving the news. Meanwhile, Prince Charles, the heir apparent, shall take charge as the King immediately after the demise of Queen Elizabeth II. The new King will address the Nation at 6pm (local time) on that day. The Queen shall be buried at least 10 days after her death. All the activities of the Parliament shall be closed for those 10 days, and the day of the funeral shall be declared a National Mourning.

Queen Elizabeth II

The Politico has further reported that the late sovereign’s coffin shall be kept in the Parliament for the first three days, as the Cabinet members shall pay respect to her, there. During this period of time, new King Charles shall visit different places of the UK on a special tour. The coffin shall be returned to Buckingham Palace three days later, while rehearsals of the funeral shall be held on the sixth day. The Queen’s funeral shall take place at Westminster Abbey, as she shall be buried next to her father, King George VI, at Windsor Castle. However, the itinerary depends entirely on the place and time of the Queen’s death. The Johnson Administration believes that thousands of people may flock to London to pay their last respect to the Queen. It could trigger chaos in London, and also a temporary food crisis!

Meanwhile, Buckingham Palace officials have refused to make any comment either on the leak or secret funeral plans for when Queen Elizabeth II passes away. It may be noted that The Guardian had published a long article in 2017, revealing details about Operation London Bridge. The article covered how the new King, Charles, would be proclaimed at St James’s Palace, amidst visiting royalty.

The Royal Funeral

Long live the Queen!

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