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On Delusions Of Gender

It may be rendered absolutely meaningless for parents to regret before the birth of a baby-girl, even if they go through a Sex-Determination Test (SDT), which is illegal in India. There hardly lie functional differences between the male and female brains, as the human brain does not perform any gender judgments while carrying out its functions. A recent study, published in the latest issue of Neuroscience & Biobehavioral Reviews, a peer-reviewed scientific journal covering behavioural neuroscience published by Elsevier, has revealed this fact. The information is based on the outcomes of various different studies on the Human Brain over the last three decades…

According to Researchers, although the brains of men are seen to be larger than that of women (with substantial individual variation), there is no difference between them in terms of the function (or cognition). If there is any difference, that is less than 1%! The Study Paper has also revealed a more startling fact, which has pointed the finger at the attempt to establish Patriarchy in different parts of the Globe over the past three decades.

Researchers have claimed that major science journals refused to publish the Study Paper, fearing that it could hamper efforts of domination of male, as the study revealed that the human brain does not indulge into gender discrimination! Instead, those journals have published only those papers that show that female brains are less skilled at performing functions than male brains. Researchers call it the File Drawer Effect.

Researchers are of the opinion that Neurosexism has dominated the study of the human brain over the past 30 years, and it is largely condemnable. The size of the male brain, which is on an average 11% larger than the female brain, was a known fact even in the 19th Century. “In the 19th Century, this was seen as scientific proof of the female brain’s inferior capabilities. However, this additional size is mostly attributed to white matter and there is no correlation that bigger brains are ‘better’ for cognition. The male brain being larger produces the same effects as one female brain being larger than another of the same sex,” stressed a researcher.

As there exist a good number of people who would claim that men and women learn, speak, solve problems or read maps differently; it seems that brain-scanners form the ultimate answer in their respective minds. And, they are rightly and potentially backed up by brightly colour-coded maps, highlighting differences between males and females in various brain areas… and that, it is felt, is from where this issue has to get addressed! Whether it is advocacy for sex-segregated educations and trainings, or other functions; the ongoing debate about differences between men and women tend to revolve around Cutting Edge Neurosciences. Apart from Cordelia Fine, Neuroscientists Gina Rippon of the UK and Daphna Joel of Israel have vociferated their ideas based on the results of their experiments, while Martha Barletta, the President of the Trendsight Group and an authority on gender-focussed marketing strategies, addressed the issue in their characteristic fashions.

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