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An Attempt Too Apparent

Alexei Anatolievich Navalny – the Russian opposition leader, politician, jurist and anti-corruption activist – has stunned the Global Community by claiming that the Federal Security Service made an attempt to assassinate him by keeping poison in his undergarments!

A couple of days ago, Navalny said that he, identifying himself as an aide to Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, had a telephonic conversation with a chemical weapons expert of the Federal Security Service. The official, reportedly, revealed the truth during their conversation. On Twitter, the fierce critic of President Vladimir Putin wrote that Konstantin Kudryavtsev, the expert, was member of the team of eight who were tasked with poisoning him. It is to be noted that Navalny had fallen ill on a flight from Siberia to Moscow last August. He was first admitted to a hospital in the Russian city of Omsk. Later, he was transferred to Berlin.

Alexei Navalny

During the 49-minute-long phone call, Kudryavtsev, reportedly, informed the caller that the motive of the mission was to kill the latter. Fortunately, Navalny managed to survive the attempt, thanks to the emergency landing that the pilot had made at Omsk, and also because of the “prompt work of the ambulance medics on the runway”. Kudryavtsev was heard saying: “If it had taken just a little bit longer then, possibly, everything would have ended differently. You see, this is where coincidence is the worst factor we can have in our work.

The expert also told Navalny that he had flown to Omsk from Moscow twice since the botched attempt to recover the clothes that Navalny was wearing on that day from the local authorities in an attempt to remove traces of poison from them. When Navalny inquired about as to where the toxin was placed, the Security Council official, reportedly, admitted that it was applied along the seams of the former’s blue underwear. He went on to further explain that no traces of the poison could be seen on Navalny’s body as the substance was capable of being “absorbed quickly”. On the query of Navalny “why did nothing work out?”, Kudryavtsev responded by stating: “Well, I’ve asked myself this question more than once. However, I got no answer.

President Putin

According to Navalny, he has an audio recording of the phone call! As expected, the Federal Security Service denied the allegation, saying in a statement that the opposition leader made a politically motivated allegation

President Putin, too, has ruled out poisoning Navalny, stressing: “If Russia wanted to kill the opposition leader, it would have ‘finished’ the job!” The Russian strongman described Navalny as a patient in Berlin. However, Navalny alleged that it was President Putin who wanted to eliminate him, and the idea of poisoning had originated in his brain. At the same time, he declared that he would return to Russia, soon!

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