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Month: September 2020

Administration, Protests & The Virus!

It may me mentioned that a trend of not-so-fair-Politics is in vogue not only with the COVID-19 across the globe, but also with the success or failure of the researchers, […]

Her Life, Her Struggle…

Well, she was not buried after her death, but cremated as per her last wish! This says quite a lot about Indian Urdu Novelist, Short Story Writer, and Filmmaker Ismat […]


The US has brokered a truce between the United Arab Emirates and Israel, who have been sharing an antagonistic relationship for long. An Israeli aircraft landed in Abu Dhabi last […]

Let There Be Light!

Once, a monarch was asked what he had done to defend his Kingdom. To that question, the King replied: “I have set up a lot of educational institutions!” Then, the […]


Since the mid-2019, one of the topics that has been at the top of the global agenda is: the destruction of Nature by the human beings. All forms of media […]

Actions Activated…

The Government of India has revealed that the Indian Navy had taken a bold step, immediately after the Chinese Army clashed with the Indian Army in the Galwan Valley of […]

Infanticide &…

India ranks top in the world as far as female foeticide is concerned! It seems unlikely that the South Asian Nation will move away from that position in the near […]

Another Grave Situation…

The process of excavation was getting carried out more or less in a smooth fashion, but… at one point of time, the workers, all of a sudden, discovered quite a […]

Online Availability!

The US had spent a large amount of dollars to catch him… however, he is available online for just USD 20! Well, Saddam Hussein – the former President of Iraq […]