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Administration, Protests & The Virus!

It may me mentioned that a trend of not-so-fair-Politics is in vogue not only with the COVID-19 across the globe, but also with the success or failure of the researchers, who are experimenting with vaccines. Even, Germany is not an exception to this. Protests and rallies have rocked the European nation. “We don’t want vaccines, we want release from the captivity,” demanded the protesters!

With her blond hairs flowing around her shoulders, a young lady, referring to a crowd of thousands in the capital city of Berlin, was heard exclaiming aloud: “Now, Trump is in Berlin.” The statement was not true, but definitely symbolic. It, probably, was aimed at Angela Merkel, the German Chancellor. The lady was also heard saying to the crowd: “Let’s go there (the Parliament House) to peacefully show President Trump that we want Global Peace. We are getting sick after seeing all these activities!” However, the apparently peaceful situation did not last long, as the protesters clashed with the Security Forces, and broke barricades on September 5, 2020. Later, the German media identified the lady as Tamara K. She reportedly led the huge protest rally in Berlin. Germany has witnessed some massive protests in recent times. The protesters made it clear that they did not want vaccines, they did not want Corona and they did not want lockdown! Interestingly, they took to the streets without wearing masks. Hence, there was no social distancing… Instead, there was a possibility of spreading of Droplets due to shouting.

As on date, nearly 27,216,518 people have been infected by the deadly virus globally, and the death toll has risen to 885,939. However, the people of Berlin want the Old Independent Life! They do not want to be under House Arrest! Meanwhile, some find a different sort of politics behind this. While the Americans have accused President Donald Trump of his failure in dealing with the Corona situation, the Germans have started considering the actions taken by the Merkel Administration to fight the pandemic as unbearable! This has become one of the main agendas of the Parties in Opposition in Germany.

The German Administration had closed the borders before the corona-infection took a vicious turn in neighbouring Italy. Germany also stressed on extensive corona testing and lockdowns, apart from implementing mutual distancing. These steps have certainly prevented the spread. So far, 2.5 million Germans have been infected and 9,401 among them, definitely a much smaller number, have perished. The Global Community has showered praises on the Merkel Administration for taking such measures. Experts are of the opinion that Chancellor Merkel might have to pay a heavy price, despite showing efficiency in tackling the deadly disease, courtesy the protest rallies.

Chancellor Merkel

Dr Thorsten Quandt, the Professor of Communication Studies at the University of Münster, said: “Virologists say there is no glory in prevention; if prevention is successful, people don’t see the danger.” Dr Quandt, who has been researching on Right-Wing Conspiracies in the pandemic, was heard telling the press: “The irony is the less you can feel it, and more successful you are with pandemic measures, the more people say we should stop (those measures).” It is sincerely felt that the Germans should follow his advice…

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