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Another Travelogue

The young lady is reciting her works aloud… one after another… the audience are listening to her in rapt attention… The candle, there, is lit as many times as it goes gets extinguished due to gusty wind. The poetess passed away 48 years ago. She received no awards during her lifetime. She left this world after writing just 128 poems! Members of the Elite Class used to hate her in the past… and, still do so! However, some young women – holding candles and books of verses written by her – recently gathered at her grave in the Zahir Dowleh Cemetery, Tehran.” Forough Farrokhzad (December 29, 1934 – February 13, 1967) was an influential, as well as controversial, Iranian poet and film director, writing from a feminine point of view…

Nilanjan Hazra, an Indian who had visited Iran in November 2015, recently authored a book in Bengali, titled ‘Iran-ey’ (‘In Iran’), on his trip to the West Asian nation. In the final chapter of the book, Hazra described the grave of the late independent-minded poet, whose works were banned for more than a decade after the Islamic Revolution, exclaiming: “To me: This is Iran!

The day this visitor from India arrived in Tehran for a three-week tour, young engineer Syed came to the airport to receive him. Immediately after receiving the Indian, he informed his wife, Tahmineh, over cell phone: “The Musafir from Hind (traveller from India) has arrived. We should be reaching home soon.

The author visited Iran as per his own plans, and on the basis of his own contacts. There, he visited various cities of Iran, including Tehran, Shiraz, Isfahan, Persepolis, Tabriz, Khoi, Kandovan, Mashhad and Neyshabur. Hazra witnessed countless insignia belonging to a tradition that is somewhat unique in those cities, and tried to have an understanding of the daily lives of the common people. Apart from narrating vividly the beauty of Iran, he has added some stories, histories, and quite a few anecdotes in his publication for the readers…

Iran-ey, Hazra’s Book

The book shall enrich readers with its details and relevant information and beautiful illustrations, as Hazra’s style of writing tends to leave somewhat a lasting impression. This publication shall also help readers get a clear idea about the rich Persian Culture and Civilisation… The simplest and best expression of this Culture is evident in the daily lives of the people of Iran. Hazra has made a serious attempt to portray the daily lives of the Iranians in his publication. The influence of Western Culture and the Radical Rule, established to counter the Western Hegemony, have not been able to destroy the Persian Civilisation, so far…

However, conscious efforts are being made, nowadays, to destroy the Rich Culture of Iran. Hence, the long extensive breathing of History can be felt in the Musafir‘s book on the Land of the Aryans

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