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On Geopolitics Of Eurasia

The European Countries have been opposing the aggressive attitude of China towards other Asian countries from the very beginning… and, Germany is playing the leading role in countering the Asian Giant’s attempt to stamp its authority in Regional Geopolitics

Recently, Berlin has urged the European countries to strengthen diplomatic ties with Indo-Pacific Democracies! At the same time, the Angela Merkel Administration has expressed serious concern over Human Rights violations by Beijing. In a statement issued earlier this week, the Government of Germany said it was unfortunate that many Asian countries were depending upon China, financially! Berlin made it clear that it would take all the necessary steps to maintain the Rule of Law in Asia.

Earlier on September 2, Foreign Affairs Minister of Germany Heiko Maas had said that Democratic and Liberal Values would encourage the Global Community to ensure the Rule of Law and International Co-Operation, without which the World Order could not possibly be maintained…

On the same day, the German Government adopted a new framework for enhancing co-operation with the Indo-Pacific Region. In that framework, Berlin clarified its stand on a number of issues, including the Rule of Law in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR). Meanwhile, the Member-States of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) – including India, Japan and also Australia – have welcomed Germany’s move.

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