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The Third One

The Democratic Party has announced the name of Kamala Harris as its candidate for the post of Vice President ahead of the US Presidential Polls, to be held in November 2020. Joe Biden, the party’s Presidential candidate, had hinted in March that a lady would be the second most important candidate in the Democrat administration. So, the nomination of Kamala Harris was quite expected. She possesses more than a little bit of political experience, along with unquestionable administrative skills. Harris had served as the District Attorney of San Francisco and also as the Attorney General of California, the most populous state in the US. Currently, she is a Senator, there! Still, the US chooses to term her nomination as a Historic one… because she could be the first Non-White, Asian-American Lady Vice President! Only two women had contested for the position of Vice President in the past. However, they failed to taste success. Not only her party, but a number of Americans have high expectations for Harris, this time!

Even in a country, like the US, which has a long tradition of Democracy; the society is flooded with words – like ‘Woman‘, ‘Non-White’, ‘Black‘, ‘Asian-American‘, etc. – because of some recent incidents. The memory of the Black Lives Matter Movement is still lingering in the American Society. The African-Americans and the Asian-Americans have started expecting that the next Government would bring to an end to their harassment and torture by the Police. The declared policy of the Democrats is liberal, as the party has always been vocal against racism, and it is reflected in the party’s vote bank. Hence, the Coloured people and the Asian-Americans are happy with Harris’ candidature.

Biden with Harris

Harris’ mother is from India, while her father is a Jamaican. In a true sense, she is carrying the legacy and values of pluralist American culture. Moreover, she had studied at the Howard University, one of the leading Coloured people-dominated universities in the US. Biden recalled Harris’ efforts in protecting the legal rights of the working-class people, women and children during his tenure as Attorney General. Harris, too, has assured her countrymen that she, if elected, would improve the Liberal Democratic atmosphere of the US. Commenting on the ongoing mass movements, she said that the reforms in the Police Department was an absolute necessity!

It is to be noted that Harris introduced herself as the party’s Presidential Candidate in early 2019, and took part in some debates. Even, she did not hesitate to criticise Biden over some issues. However, the Americans were not ready to consider Harris as their future President! Now, the situation is somewhat different. In the wake of movements against racial discrimination, President Donald Trump and his Republican Party have started losing the confidence of the people. And, the Democrats are ready to throw a strong challenge to the Republicans in the upcoming polls. The question arises here is: whether Harris would be able to become the first Non-White Female Vice President of the US. To get an answer to it, the Global Community will have to wait till November…

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