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Leaving One’s Soil…

Hong Kong residents no longer feel safe in their country, especially after the introduction of the National Security Act by the Government of Peoples Republic of China! Many of them plan to stay abroad, permanently!

China enacted the National Security Law in Hong Kong on June 30, ignoring the strong objections from the Hong Kong residents. Beijing defended the move, stating that the Law that has recently been introduced would help tackle criminal activities in Hong Kong. However, residents of the City-State are of the opinion that the environment of Hong King has changed overnight since the introduction of the Law. The newly enacted Law seems to have arrested the very soul of Independent Hong Kong, as people have lost their rights to stage anti-Government protests, and to hold political rallies. Even the readers have lost access to various books in different libraries! The State is constantly monitoring movements of the people! Legal experts have claimed that no such guidelines have been mentioned in the new Law. On the other hand, the administration has said that this Law is aimed at strengthening National Security!

Serena and William, the two Hong Kong residents, no longer recognise their hometown. Since their birth in Hong Kong, they have never visited Britain. Still, they want to settle in Britain, as they have non-resident British passports! The British Government recently announced that Non-Resident Passport Holders (BNO) from Hong Kong would obtain British citizenship, if they get to stay in the European country for six years. The couple decided to leave Hong Kong after this announcement. According to Serena and William, they have made the decision, keeping their daughter’s future in mind, as she wanted to go to Britain for higher education. In the changing scenario, the entire family would leave for Britain.

Majority of the people in Hong Kong are against the newly introduced National Security Act. Serena said that she did not join the protests as she was an employee of a Chinese company. Recently, one of her friends, who worked in a Chinese bank, lost his job after taking part in an anti-Government rally. Serena admitted that the people of Hong Kong lost their Right to Freedom. Even, the strictness of the Law has been successful in leaving a negative impact on the mind of her teenage daughter!

Many, like Serena and William, plan to leave Hong Kong. Canada, Australia and some other countries have strongly opposed China’s new Hong Kong Policy, announcing visa waiver for Hong Kong residents. Even the US, which has recently been criticised across the globe for its Immigration Policy, has hinted that it will consider allowing Hong Kong residents to stay there.

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