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Preparing A Historic Meal

When the entire world is struggling to get rid of the COVID-19 pandemic, a person digs up history to prepare a 4,000-old recipe! He has stunned everybody by preparing the recipe that was enjoyed by people who used to belong to the Mesopotamian Civilisation, in Babylon.

Professor Bill Sutherland, the Miriam Rothschild Chair of Conservation Biology at the University of Cambridge, decided to prepare various food items during the Lockdown. Instead of preparing Chinese or Italian dishes, he planned to try a hand at a Babylonian item, and started working on a 3,770-year-old recipe. His experiment was a success, as the taste surprised the Professor, himself. On Twitter, Professor Sutherland revealed that he had discovered the recipe in a 1750 BC plaque. “I blame lockdown but for some reason decided to cook Babylonian meal from the recipe tablet on the right; at 1750 BCE are the oldest recipes existing. Seemed to go down OK. Best Mesopotamian meal I have eaten,” he tweeted.

However, the Professor did not prepare just one item. In fact, he prepared five historic items which included lamb stew; an item prepared with beets, called ‘Tuhu’; sauer do bread; and a kind of broth made with fat. He also revealed the entire process of preparing those items. While around 56,000 Netizens liked his tweet, 17,500 people re-tweeted his recipes! Professor Sutherland had no idea that his post would go viral.

Even the Indians have liked his post, as many people in India are interested in ancient dishes. In the Vedas, one could find various recipes that were enjoyed by the people 5,000 years ago. Apart from consuming those foods, the Indians used to offer them to Gods!

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