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On The Issue Of Tissues, Ills, Pills & Bills…

“Are you a virgin? Even if you are, you will have to prove it, woman!!!”
This is one of those unfair claims that had founded the base of worldwide Feminist Movements in the 1990s. In 2019, the proof of virginity has found its place inside packets, called i-Virgin pills! One can get a packet of such pills with a single click on the website, called Amazon! Along with the product, buyers will also get some assurances, such as it has no side effects, no need to undergo an operation, no needles, not toxic, no anaesthesia, etc. The Company, i-Virgin, has claimed that only one pill will help create thick fake bloods inside the female body. According to the company, it will allow a woman to prove that her hymen remains intact till her wedding night. In other words, women can now trick men into believing that they are virgins!!!
As expected, the product to fake virginity on the first night of marriage has created a ruckus on the social media and received massive criticism from people for supporting the taboo of virginity in the 21st Century. People, in many Developing Countries, as well as some Developed Countries, still believe that bleeding after first sexual intercourse is a proof of an intact hymen, and thus, proof that a woman had not had sex before. Sociologists have strongly criticised both Amazon and i-Virgin for selling such products that not only encourage unscientific beliefs and taboos, but also make an attempt to establish that a woman’s virginity determines her worth!


Kolkata-based writer Tilottoma Majumdar believes that lack of proper education and conservative mentality of the people encourage companies, like Amazon, to promote such products in India. At the same time, she has blamed women for their lack of self-confidence, saying that they will be the purchasers at the end of the day!
Before discussing about the need for marketing such products and the mindset behind purchasing them, it is important to identify the position of women in the society and their rights. Perhaps, Feminist Movements have failed to sensitise women about their rights, especially in India. The Patriarchal Society had made women responsible for safeguarding their virginity. And, majority of women still follow the diktat!


Like Majumdar, Social Thinker Ratnabali Roy said: “It’s unfortunate that woman means just a vagina! Her honour still lies between the two thighs… virginity? hymen? Sexual intercourse is not the only way to rapture the hymen… it can be raptured due to various reasons! These fake ideas actually encourage some companies to promote such products.
In the 21st Century, women are not at all worried about their virginity. Many of them don’t even realise when their hymens have been raptured. After experiencing penetration for the first time, no woman should think that she has lost her virginity. Instead, she enjoys the moment, relishes the experience and loves her man (barring rapes)…


Physicians and psychologists, too, are of the opinion that the i-Virgin pills have launched an attack on the social position of women. They have urged the Government of India to ban the product, in order to ensure respect for women, as well as to remove the defilement of the society by the scourge of Patriarchy. In fact, business leaders are well aware of the fact that there is a huge business aspect of regressive thinking. Therefore, they have set the target only after considering all possible reactions from members of the Civil Society…

Virginity 1.jpg

Meanwhile, a section of Sociologists believes that the will power of Indian women and the changing socio-political situation will teach a lesson to Amazon and i-Virgin in the coming days. They are optimistic that members of the Indian Feminist Movements will never allow manufacturers of such products to have their businesses flourish in the South Asian nation. It seems that time has all the answers…

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