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A Giant Leap For Womankind!

Women in her country are still fighting for the Right to Education, amongst other Fundamental Rights. However, Namira Salim has dreamt of taking a tour of the space! The Government of Pakistan has already declared that she is the first female astronaut of the South Asian country. Soon, Namira will fulfill her cherished dream…
Apart from being the first female astronaut of Pakistan, Namira is also the first astronaut to visit the North, and the South Pole. She went to the North Pole in 2007, before touring the South Pole in 2008. She is also the first Asian woman to skydive from the Mount Everest! She took part in the event when Sky Diving was organised on Mount Everest for the first time in 2008.

Namira Salim.jpg
Namira Salim

Namira had started taking the necessary preparations to visit the space way back in 2006, when British businessman Richard Branson founded Virgin Galactic – a spaceflight company that is developing commercial spacecraft with an aim to provide suborbital spaceflights to space tourists. Namira is the co-founder of the company! She had booked a ticket to the space for GBP 0.2 million. Virgin Galactic received nearly 4,000 applications for the space travel and short-listed just 100. Namira was lucky to secure her place in that list!
Now, the Pakistani lady is fully prepared for the trip. She has received training for this purpose in the US under the supervision of Virgin Group, and also in her country of birth. The then Pakistani President, General (Retired) Pervez Musharraf, himself, handed over a Certificate of Training to Namira in 2008. However, the Pak Ministry of Information and Broadcasting announced Namira as the Country’s first female astronaut before that (in August 2006).

North Pole.jpg
Namira at North Pole

Earlier, Namira had completed her Graduation in International Business from New York-based Hofstra University. Later, she obtained a Post-Graduate Degree in International Relations from Columbia University. Namira is also the founder of Pakistan’s first International Association of Students in Economics and Business Management, which works together with the UN.


The Pakistani lady has visited different parts of the globe. She usually spends most of the year in Dubai. Since 1997, Namira has been living in Monaco. Her father is a retired officer of the Pakistani Army who encouraged her to become an astronaut. Namira has played an important role in strengthening diplomatic ties between Pakistan and Monaco. She was appointed as the Honorary Consul General of Pakistan in Monaco in 2011. Apart from diplomacy and business, Namira has also an interest in sculpture. She has made various kinds of idols and items for decorating homes with stones, as she wants to spread the Message of Peace through them!

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