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‘nother May May Leave In June

The British Prime Minister, Theresa May, is under tremendous pressure yet again, as she failed to break the ice during her recent meeting on Brexit with the Opposition Labour Party!
PM May had promised that she would tender resignation, had the Parliament cleared her Brexit deal! Britain held the Brexit Referendum nearly three years ago… however, the nation is yet to leave the European Union (EU), and the domestic situation is seen gradually deteriorating…
The Parliament has decided to hold a meeting in the first week of June, and also planned to vote on the Brexit Bill! Graham Brady, the Chairperson of the Conservative Committee said earlier this week that PM May wanted to defer naming her departure date until the Parliament votes on her Brexit Bill in the week of June 3. “Following that… she and I will meet to agree a timetable for the election of a new leader of the Conservative Party,” added Brady.

Graham Brady.jpg
Graham Brady

Meanwhile, the Chairperson has admitted that even a number of Conservative MPs are not at all happy with the Brexit Deal prepared by the May government… the House of Commons has already rejected the Deal thrice, in recent times! Many believe that the Lower House of the British Parliament will reject the deal for the fourth time in June. The rebel MPs also want PM May to resign as soon as possible. Others say that it would not be possible for the PM to change the rules introduced four decades ago… so, it would be better for her to leave!
According to the British diplomats, the situation might prompt May to resign from her post. They believe that most probably, Boris Johnson will lead the Conservative Party in the coming months. Brady informed the media that May’s successor would be chosen by a party leadership contest in which any Conservative lawmaker could run. “The Winner will become the Party Leader and Prime Minister, without the need for a General Election,” he stressed. At the same time, Brady insisted that May should remain focused “on securing our departure from the EU”, by securing support for her EU Divorce Deal!


The Brexit Deal was scheduled to come into force on March 29. As Britain failed to meet the deadline, it was extended to April 12. In fact, PM May requested the EU to extend the deadline during a meeting in Brussels on April 10… the 28-member European Bloc has accepted the British PM’s request, and allowed London to make a final decision on Brexit by October 31, 2019…

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