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Month: February 2019

Free To Tally… Forced To Ban

A number of young people visit cafes in Kabul to enjoy a cup of hot coffee with their favourite music. The 30-year-old Mina Rezai runs one such cafe in the […]

A Syria-ous Ally?

It seems that the existence of President Bashar al-Assad’s Syria is more or less secured as long as Iran is there. At a time when the US and its Western […]

Pain, e-Pen & Penitentiary…

It seems that a blasphemous tweet has proved to be expensive for a 28-year-old Indian engineer, who has landed in a jail in Saudi Arabia. Vishnu Dev from the southern Indian […]

Ghazee & Shaheed: A Just Adjustment?

Dr Tariq Rahman – a Pakistani academic who has authored the book ‘Interpretations of Jihad in South Asia: An Intellectual History’ – believes that jihad (a struggle or fight against the […]

Discipline & Danse Macabre

It is believed that Nataraja (or the King of Dancers) – the dancing form of Lord Shiva and a symbolic synthesis of the most important aspects of Hinduism – completes the […]

Truly Sonorous?

This never happened before! Not a single drop of coffee fell on the ground from a cup… This time, the cup fell from her hand! The incident disturbed Florencia Rastelli, […]

The Septuagenarian?

Mahatma Gandhi, reportedly, had declared January 26th as Swatantrata Sankalp Divas, a year after (the first Prime Minister of India) Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru had demanded complete Independence from the British rule […]