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A Bipolar (Dis)order?

Brazil began its journey towards democracy three decades ago. And the Latin American country’s most important movement towards the South started on January 1, 2019, with Jair Bolsonaro taking oath as the new president. Bolsonaro is not only the flag-bearer of right-wing ultra-conservative politics, but also a former Army Captain! It is evident from his activities as an Army personnel (from 1973 to 1988) that Bolsonaro would be ready to lead a war against Communism at any point of time. In fact (during his election campaign), he announced that “our flag will never be red”!
Also, the 63-year-old president is against so-called progressive ideas and free thought. Once, he declared: “Yes, I’m homophobic – and very proud of it.” He even slammed homosexual fundamentalists for grooming children in such a way so that they could “become gays and lesbians to satisfy them sexually in the future”. “Brazilian society doesn’t like homosexuals,” added Bolsonaro. Addressing the nation immediately after taking oath, the newly inaugurated president said that his election had freed Brazil from ‘socialism and political correctness’.

President Jair Bolsonaro

Naturally, President Bolsonaro’s opinions on various issues attract a section of people in Brazil. That particular section not necessarily includes the youths and the president, himself, is well aware of this. Still, Brazil entered a new era on January 1, thanks to the failure of previous political leadership and its alleged involvement in corruption.
During his election campaign, people realised that Bolsonaro’s acceptance was not unquestionable, as he was stabbed by an assailant in 2018. The majority of the Brazilians was fed up with their former Presidents Dilma Rousseff and Michel Temer. Both Rousseff and Temer had tried their best to safeguard the interests of some big businessmen. A financial deal between the previous government and a petroleum company triggered uproar across the country. Still, people are not ready to accept Bolsonaro! Perhaps, this is the first time when the Brazilian society is divided into two camps.

President Bolsonaro has already made clear that he will follow the path of his friend Donald Trump. According to political analysts, the victory of Trump in the 2017 Presidential Elections doesn’t mean the victory of ultra-nationalism in the US. Instead, President Trump’s victory divided the American society!
It seems that this social division is the main characteristic of the new era. The strong wave of Rightist politics in America (and also in Europe) has failed to unite the people. In fact, the wave has created two (antagonistic) camps among which the social, economic and political differences are immense.

The world has become bipolar once again in a different sense…

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