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Space-ial Babies!

A new life will see the light in space most probably in 2024.
The scientists plan to take pregnant ladies to the space for delivering babies in the next six years. According to the scientists, a team of doctors will accompany the ladies to the space during the 36-hour-long operation, as the babies will be born about 403km away from the Earth.
Some Dutch scientists have recruited an organisation, named ‘SpaceLife Origin’, to find volunteers who are eager to give birth in the space. However, there is a condition! The volunteers should be mothers of at least two healthy babies. The name of the project is ‘Mission Cradle‘. A Dutch scientist recently said that the slogan of the mission would be: “Small step for a baby; Giant baby step for mankind.” He further said that the main aim of the project was to set up a human colony in space.

A scientist, who wished to stay anonymous, revealed that the pregnant ladies would be kept out of the normal gravitational force. He informed the media that they would take 25 volunteers to the space to ensure the birth of at least one baby in those 36 hours! Most importantly, the embryo should be eight months old when the mothers would leave the Earth.
The scientist also explained the entire process, saying that medical screening of the pregnant volunteers would be done at a ‘Space Stimulator’ at first. Precautionary measures will also be taken in case the volunteers fall ill.

Meanwhile, a senior SpaceLife official stressed that they would begin the selection process in 2022. According to the official, they will prefer volunteers who are ready to become mother through IVF (In Vitro Fertilisation) process. He said that an incubator, along with some eggs and sperm, would be taken to the space under ‘Mission Lotus’ in 2021. It will be brought back to the Earth only after the formation of the embryos. The incubator will have normal gravity and the technology will be used in such a way so that the embryos do not encounter the problem of weightlessness.
Scientists hope that the experiment will help them realise whether a couple can bring their child normally in the space. That’s why it has also been decided that human reproductive cells will be stored in ‘Seeds of Life Tubes‘ during the arc campaign in 2020.

For his part, CEO and founder of SpaceLife Origins Kees Mulder said: “If humanity wants to become a multi-planetary species, we also need to learn how to reproduce in space.” Jessica Kilcullen, the Co-founder and Chief Harvester at Harvest Summit, insisted: “We must put the humanity back into our approaches and work together to create a future of possible.” They have also invited the space research organisations of other countries to take up such mission.
There is no harm in welcoming new lives in space and set up a ‘human colony’ there. However, it is equally important to ensure peace in our planet. Otherwise, we would leave the Earth to invade the space in search of peace!

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