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Is US With IS?

A couple of hours after Pentagon announced its decision to cancel USD 300 million in aid to Pakistan because of Islamabad’s reported failure to take decisive action against militants, Moscow accused Washington of helping terror outfits active in Syria!
The Russian Foreign Ministry mentioned in a statement on September 2 that the US not only trained the Syrian terrorists to use firearms, but also taught them how to launch terror attacks. The ministry also said that Moscow recently received the information from Damascus. So far, the US has made no comments on this issue.
The Syrian forces gunned down two terrorists in the ancient Semitic city of Palmyra on September 1 and detained one, who claimed (during the interrogation) that the US forces had trained them. He revealed that at least 500 members of the ‘Lions of East Army’ received training at the US military base in Al-Tanf. The detained terrorist told the Syrian forces that they had received arms from the US military personnel.

Russia clearly mentioned in the statement that terrorists were planning to recapture Palmyra. According to the Russian ministry, thousands of people from Raqqa and Deir al-Zour have taken shelter in Rukban refugee camps near the US military base. Still, the US forces are helping the terrorists.
Earlier, UN deputy spokesperson Farhan Haq had said that an estimated 45,000-50,000 internally displaced people, with some 80% believed to be women and children, live under difficult conditions in Rukban camp, as they required water, hygiene, health, education aid and civil documentation.

Javad Zarif

Meanwhile, Iran (too) joined the chorus, with Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif saying that militants should be “cleaned out” of Syria’s Idlib Province as soon as possible. During a meeting with his Syrian counterpart Walid al-Muallem in Damascus, Zarif said: “All of Syrian territory must be preserved and all the sects and groups should start the round of reconstruction as one collective and the displaced should return to their families.” He stressed: “And the remaining terrorists in the remaining parts of Idlib must be cleaned out and the region should be placed back under the control of the Syrian people.
The Iranian minister issued the statement ahead of the September 7 meeting between Iranian President Hassan Rouhani, his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin and Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in Tehran. The three leaders will focus mainly on the battle against remaining militant groups in Syria.

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