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Something Good At Last!

Our days start with murder, rape, accident, political violence etc., as print, audio-visual and web media send such ‘stories’ to our drawing-rooms in the morning now-a-days! After that, a lot of discussions and analyses on those issues go on and on…. However, Google is all set to change this pattern.
The US-based multinational technology company has launched a new service in Google Home Assistant and Google Home Mini only to serve good news to its users. Users will have to activate the Google Assistant and say: “Hey Google, tell me something good.” And then, they will be flooded with good news!

The Google Network journalists have already started providing ‘good’ national and international news to smartphone users. Even, Google has set up a specialised news agency for this purpose! The agency picks up good news from various global media and presents them to Google users.
Although Google has launched this service in the US, the company – specialised in Internet-related services and products – plans to launch the service in other parts of the world in near future. Google recently revealed its plan in its official blog. It’s not only that the people will get some good news, but the service will also help them overcome fatigue and frustration.

Researchers and psychiatrists have always claimed that bad news affect our mental health badly. People become restless, frustrated and violent… Indian Psychiatrist Amitabha Mukherjee has explained: “The news creates our attitudes toward the society. Now-a-days, we rarely receive good news. If Google can provide such a service, then there is nothing better than that.” He further said: “The good news has always influenced the human psychology. It makes us happy and helps us create a positive attitude towards life.
It seems that in future, only the poor would receive not-so-good pieces of information!

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