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Poverty: Nigeria Outstrips India!

India is no longer home to the largest number of poor people in the world as Nigeria has replaced the South Asian nation to occupy the top position in the list. India had occupied the top spot for decades, as it was a reflection of the country’s huge population and enduring struggle against poverty.
In its latest report, the Washington-based Brookings Institution has mentioned that the Indian economy maintained a steady growth rate in the last couple of years. According to the report that has been prepared by the century-old American research group on the basis of the government’s ability to provide basic necessities – such as food, shelter and clothing – to its people and also on estimates generated by the World Poverty Clock, the purchasing power of common people increased in India in recent past. It is to be noted that the World Poverty Clock created the model to track progress against poverty in real time (per second). The Institute clearly mentioned in the report that economic development helped India eradicate extreme poverty.

As of June, Nigeria had 87 million people living in extreme poverty, while India had 70.6 million. These people earn less than USD 1.90 (or INR 130) a day. Interestingly, the scenario is changing fast in India. While extreme poverty rises in Nigeria by six people each minute, the number of extreme poor drops by 44 people a minute in India. Currently, 5.33% of India’s total population of 1.3 billion lives below poverty line. However, the rate of extreme poverty is much higher in the West African country, where 44% of the total population of 191 million is extremely poor.

In 1993, the internet was flooded with images of a malnourished child sitting in front of a vulture. That was a Sudanese child. Sudan experienced a famine at that time as millions in the war-torn African nation faced starvation. According to the Brookings Institute’s report, the condition remains same in Africa and Nigeria’s upward movement on poverty rankings indicates the same. If current trends continue, Africa will become home to 90% of the world’s poorest people by the end of 2030.

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  1. It’s nothing to be proud of, in my opinion. It’s a proof of the disparity between the classes. Nigeria hasn’t rescued India. It is not a matter of pride, is it? Good article, but poor headline. Sorry.


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