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Tag: #morality

Disbanded Finally, But…

In what may be considered as a Big Victory for the Iranian women against the orthodox mentality of the administration in Tehran, the Ebrahim Raisi Government has abolished the controversial […]

Regulated By The Society

Society and the State have regulated the clothing, character, needs and duties of girls throughout the world since the earliest times. In other words, women have always been judged by […]

Her ‘Belief’ In Chains

Fatemeh ‘Mary’ Mohammadi was born in a Muslim family in Iran. Later, the 24-year-old Human Rights activist converted herself to Christianity, and paid a high price for her faith and […]

On Faith, Hope & Survival

Nowadays a person gets lynched for being a Black or a Muslim or a homosexual or whatever, in different parts of the globe. A majority of the people get scared, […]

Iran’s ‘George Floyd’ Movement

She came out from her residence, without wearing a proper hijab. Hence, the Guidance Patrol of the Islamic Republic of Iran, a special Police squad in charge of public implementation […]

Sex… For Women

by Swarna Jana Although it is a voice of dissent; involving issues related to women, let’s start with Indian film actor Ranveer Singh, let’s not delve into the nitty gritty […]

Positioning People & Politics

What should the relationship between people and political parties be has long been a debate in India. Speaking at an event organised by the Asiatic Society of India, noted Sociologist, […]

Dystopia & An Orwellian Concern

The Supreme Court (SC) of India appointed an Expert Technical Committee overseen by a former SC Judge, Justice R V Raveendran, on October 27 (2021) to examine allegations that the […]