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On A ‘Vision Of Invasion’

After Europe, perhaps it is Asia’s turn to experience a war, with China planning to invade Taiwan. The Washington Post has triggered such a fear, as the US daily has reported that the Asian giant is secretly building a military facility beyond its border in Cambodia. According to the report, it would be the second largest military base of China on foreign soil.

International observers are of the opinion that the second one is far more significant, as Cambodia is situated in the Indo-Pacific region. Taiwan is also located in this region, and the top Chinese political leadership has been trying to invade the East Asian nation for quite some time.

Taiwan, officially known as the Republic of China (ROC), is located at the junction of the East and South China Seas in the northwestern Pacific Ocean, with the People’s Republic of China (PRC) to the northwest, Japan to the northeast, and the Philippines to the south. Hence, the region is strategically very important for Beijing. The Washington Post further reported that China was in the process of construction of its military facility in the northern part of Cambodia’s Ream Naval Base.

According to war strategists, the Chinese Army officials could easily monitor the activities of the US forces from the Ream Naval Base. Although the US is currently the undeclared guardian of Taiwan, the Washington Post did not mention the issue of Taiwan in its report. China already has a naval base in Djibouti, East Africa. The base in Cambodia would be the second one outside mainland China. As per the Washington Post report, Beijing can easily control large warships from this naval base in the coming years.

Chinese warships

Undoubtedly, the second base would boost the defence strength of China at global level.

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