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In A Gentle Manner

Many people love to solve puzzles… numeric or symbolic. However, there are some puzzles that are better called optical illusions. Such images are often shared with others through the Internet, as people, especially those who love to solve puzzles, have a curiosity about the same, in order to find solutions to those. Also, there are various puzzles available on the Internet that, by their respective designs, tend to exhibit ideas about the personality traits of the persons attempting to solve them. While one sees such an image from a particular point of view, another person interprets the same image from a different angle.

The image

MindJournal, a men’s magazine, recently shared an image with its subscribers, online, with a tagline, which read: “What do you find in this image? Share your first impression.” It is a simple image… However, the way it has been drawn, two things may come to one’s mind. Some may think that the image is of a woman at first glance, while others may find a man in the image. According to researchers, the first impression depends upon the personality of the viewer.

Researchers are of the opinion that those, who discover a woman in this image at first glance, are Liberal-minded and positive-thinkers. Furthermore, they have motivating power. They also know how to perform their duties in an organised manner. Overall, they are balanced characters.

Those, who find a man in this image, do not express their thoughts easily. These people have leadership qualities, and immense mental strength. They do not break down easily. Also, they do not like easy challenges for themselves, and love the company of positive-minded people all the time.

This image, it is said, can help a person get an idea about her/his personality.

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