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Most of the time, people have faced the age-old twisted query: Which came first, the Chicken or the Egg? Interactions, even to the tune of heated, on this issue have been going on for ages. However, the question remains, and the dilemma stays. While some are of the opinion that it is the chicken that came first, others believe it’s the egg. Recently, a team of researchers have claimed that they have solved the mystery… the chicken came first, and then the egg. The researchers have also presented proof to support their claim.

Earlier, researchers opined that eggs or female sex cells had evolved more than a billion years ago, while chickens have been around for just 10,000 years. Hence, they came to the conclusion that the egg had come before the chicken.

Scientists at the University of Sheffield and the University of Warwick have been conducting research works on this particular subject. They have found that the white part of an egg contains a protein, called Ovocleidin (or OC-17). This protein plays an important role in the formation of eggs, and Ovocleidin is found in the uterus of chickens. According to researchers, it proves that the chickens had come first. Then, Ovocleidin was produced in their uterus. Later, eggs were created from that protein.

In fact, mutation results in the birth of a new species. This mutation takes place in the cell present in eggs. It means that thousands of years ago, hen-type animals, called prototype hens, mated with another prototype cock; and it was only after the genetic mutation, an egg came into existence whose DNA was a bit different. In other words, ancestors or predecessors of the chicken of the present days had indulged in procreation of the so-called prototype chickens.

Researchers have explained that they are talking about the first chicken of the world, as the mutation could not be calculated from a single egg. They have further mentioned that it is a process that had gone on for years, which slowly led to the present conversion. This mutation must have also taken a lot of time, and then a time must have been there when the proto chicken egg started giving birth to today’s chicken.

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