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A(d)dressing Code

When asked his name by the Health Officials, the 12-year-old Indonesian boy from the Province of Sumatra replied: “ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu!” As expected, the reply surprised the officials at a COVID-19 vaccination centre in South Sumatra’s Muara Enim area. Although his father had given the 12-year-old boy such a name decades ago, his name went viral on October 21 (2021) thanks to the Indonesian Health Officials, as it sounded more like pronouncing some English alphabets.

Surprised by his name, the Health Workers handed over a copy of the kid’s identity card to the local media. According to sources close to the family, as ABCDEF’s father, Zuhro, loves to solve crossword puzzles, he had given his son’s name in this manner, and Zuzu is a combination of the first letters of his parents’ names, Zuhro and Zulfahmi!

Zuzu, the Indonesian kid

Zurho could have done more juggling with names, as he has two more children. Initially, he had named them NOPQ RSTUV and XYZ! However, the family has rejected such a claim. The parents are well aware of the fact that their son faces a lot of trouble for his name. Zulfahmi has advised her son to always remain positive, and not to bother about what others say.

Talking to the local media, Zurho has said that he wanted to be an author. However, it did not happen. Hence, he chose his son’s name in such a manner so that his creation would be recognised! The family members call the boy Adef at home.

The vaccination certificate

Some people have started using numbers and special letters in their children’s names to differentiate them from others. For example, the son of Elon Musk, the CEO of SpaceX and Tesla and Co-founder of The Boring Company, is named ‘X Æ A-12’ (X Ash A12). According to the Lad Bible, a British social media publisher, ABCDEF GHIJK Zuzu is probably the most difficult name in the world after X Æ A-12. Such a different name is now gaining attention, with many parents going to great lengths to find a name for their baby that no one has ever given them before. Some give children nicknames, while others choose universal names that are accepted anywhere in the world.

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