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Rewriting The Bible

Christianity has become a matter of concern for the Communist Party of China (CPC)!

Religious repression in China is not a new issue. Since the time of the Tang Dynasty in the 9th Century, the Chinese Emperor has tried to Liberate the country from any religious influence, be it Buddhism, Islam or Christianity. Ten centuries later, religions and their missionaries were considered by the Qing Dynasty as part of a Western conspiracy to break China into pieces in what historians have called the Chinese Century of Humiliation.

It is said that during the Cultural Revolution, Mao Zedong began the suppression of all religious organisations and practices in China, although it retained its Humanist and Secularist traditions. The establishment of the CPC in 1949 eradicated all forms of religious activities in the country until most recently.

Today, almost two centuries after, the People’s Republic of China under the control of the CPC has restarted religious repression on its territory never seen since the Cultural Revolution. Religious practices have been restricted, and in the process, many clerics have been arrested, the religious education system has been removed, and many Churches have been converted into patriotic associations to serve the Party’s Ideology and Interests!

History is a good adviser to the CPC. The Chinese Christian-led Taiping Rebellion, followed by other similar acts of different Islamic groups, in China had endangered the survival of the Qing Dynasty. Moreover, the CPC has noted the extent of the contribution of Catholicism and Protestantism on the territory of the former Soviet-led European bloc to the Communist ouster of the late 1989.

Religious affiliation, seen as a form of Cultural Identity, was perceived as a way of supporting Nationalist Separatism, considered alarming for the CPC only by looking to Tibet and Xinjiang. For years, Islam, and not Christianity, has been considered the most worrying religion in the Asian nation.

The number of Christian believers has begun to increase indirectly in proportion to the number of members of the CPC in recent times. Moreover, Christianity promotes Social and Moral Values similar to those that the Communist Party wants to emphasise, but without taking into account political affiliations or party hierarchies. When the CPC cannot fulfill its role of guardian of all these values, Christianity is perceived as the only way to fill that void among the Chinese population, a matter of concern to the Communist leaders.

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