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Relative(ity) & Termination

Well, many are now of the opinion that his activities have influenced the American action movie series, ‘Mission: Impossible’! Robert Aime Maheu had taken part in many adventures first for the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), the domestic intelligence and security service providing agency of the US, and then for the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), a civilian foreign intelligence service of the Federal Government of the US, tasked with gathering, processing and analysing national security information from around the world, primarily through effective usage of human intelligence. In her newly published book, A Lie Too Big to Fail, author Lisa Pease has claimed that one of those adventures was to plan the assassination of Senator Robert Francis Kennedy (or RFK, November 20, 1925-June 6, 1968)!

Senator RFK – the brother of former US President John Fitzgerald Kennedy (JFK) – was shot on June 5, 1968 at The Ambassador Hotel in Los Angeles, California and he passed away at 1:44am (local time) on June 6, nearly 26 hours after the shooting. Immediately after his death, the US police arrested Sirhan Sirhan, a 24-year-old Palestinian, who had opened fire with a .22-caliber revolver. Reports suggest that RFK was hit three times. During interrogation, the man from Palestine admitted that he had shot RFK. It is to be noted that RFK’s death, like the 1963 assassination of his brother President JFK, has been the subject of theories on conspiracy-studies

Sirhan Sirhan in 2016

In her latest publication, Pease has claimed that although Sirhan had reportedly fired eight shots on that day, the bullets – which hit RFK – were fired from a different gun! According to the long-time Kennedy researcher (of both JFK and RFK), RFK had already hypnotised the Palestinian man, as the CIA was conducting various tests on hypnosis and mind control at that time. RFK, too, had possibly learnt how to hypnotise people…
RFK was up against the expansion of the CIA’s power as planned by the then US government, it is said… Also, he was unhappy with the way the CIA was investigating the JFK murder case! It was hence, the CIA possibly had decided to eliminate RFK, stressed Pease.

Captured by Life photographer Bill Eppridge and Boris Yaro of the Los Angeles Times, this moment became the iconic image of the assassination

The author has taken almost a quarter of a century to pen the book, as she had to go through various documents related the RFK’s assassination. She has also mentioned the names of various authors who had written books on the same topic. One of those authors believes that Sirhan, the main accused, did NOT shoot RFK! He had argued that one bullet hit the back of RFK’s head (as per the autopsy report) and Sirhan was standing in front of him. However, eyewitnesses had told the investigators that RFK was shaking hands with a busboy, Juan Romero, when Sirhan rushed forward and fired eight shots out of his Iver Johnson Cadet revolver. Five of those shots missed Kennedy, but hit some people standing behind him (and all of them had survived). Three bullets hit their mark. Two of them were non-fatal, one in the armpit and another in the back. However, the third was behind the senator’s right ear. That shot sent bullet and bone fragments through the brain and ultimately caused the death. From circumstantial evidences, it is clear that there was (certainly) a second shooter in the kitchen of the Ambassador Hotel at 12:15am on June 5, 1968!


RFK’s son Robert Francis Kennedy (Junior) met Sirhan in December 2017. RFK (Jr), too, claimed that the Palestinian national didn’t assassinate his father. However, it could not be proven in the court and Sirhan was awarded life imprisonment. Interestingly, Sirhan had told RFK (Jr) that he could not remember the event. In this context, Pease has claimed that Sirhan was right, as he had shot in the air after getting hypnotised! Unfortunately, now it is not possible to know what exactly had happened at The Ambassador Hotel on June 5, 1968, as RFK (Jr) passed away in 2018…
In her publication, Pease describes how the witnesses with evidence of conspiracy were reportedly silenced by the Los Angeles Police Department; how some pieces of evidence were deliberately altered and destroyed, and how the judiciary and the media had failed to present the truth in this Case to the American people! Pease, here, further reveals how the trial was essentially a sham and how the prosecution did not care, or even dare to follow where the evidence led.


A Lie Too Big to Fail asserts the idea that a government can seldom investigate itself in a crime of this magnitude… The author places the history of this particular event in the context of the era, providing shocking overlaps between other high-profile murders and attempted murders of the time to her readers. She, in this book, has tried her best to suggest who were likely to have planned the assassination, who the assassination team members were and why RFK was deemed such a threat that he had to be terminated even before he became a President of the US!

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