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A Solid Solitude

The word Loneliness usually bears a negative or anxious feeling. As a social animal, it’s difficult for many of us to believe that some people enjoy loneliness or self-imposed isolation, despite living in a society. Perhaps, Japan is the only country in the world which is experiencing this trend!
Believe it or not! The number of members in one-third of the families in the Asia-Pacific nation is one. In recent times, the Japanese people have become habituated to staying alone. The trend has encouraged different organisations to introduce various types of entertainments that can be enjoyed by a single person. These organisations are focussing on ‘to meet single needs’.

A large number of Japanese people have started visiting Karaoke Parlours, which consist of a number of separate rooms, each containing couches and tables, one or more large TV screens, microphones and a computer from which to choose songs. In Karaoke Parlours, one can enter a small booth, play music and start singing. These parlours have become famous, with the solo performance getting popular as a single act. Even, the movie theatres in Japan arrange single seats for movie-lovers so that they can enjoy films alone, without sitting next to another person. The items of collective enjoyment have been recognised gradually as the items of single enjoyment.

Studies reveal that the younger generation has started living alone, as they are no more interested in spending time with their family members. It means the young people in Japan are staying alone not because of any obligation. In fact, the recent changes in global entertainment industry indicate that it’s a new trend worldwide.

Young people are very much addicted to smartphones, as they listen to music as per their own choice, see images and enjoy jokes in cell phones. The trend shows that youngsters have no interest in society or in collective life. (However) in reality, they are trying to find out the antidotes of loneliness in the virtual world.

Some may consider this trend harmful as they believe that only a good company can give us pleasure and life is meaningless without another human being (or warmth)! They may also think that the loneliness or self-imposed isolation will create many social hurdles. May be human beings created the society out of compulsion and the technological revolution has made them independent and self-centred. We become recluse because we are self-sufficient. A person needed the company of another person in the past because s/he had no idea how to enjoy this world alone. Gradually, we learn how to live alone and to enjoy the loneliness.

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