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Recently, 1,400 words got entry in one of the most authentic English dictionaries and one of them is ‘Idiocracy’. The word itself explains the meaning…. a system run by the fools or the foolish people. When such a word finds its place in the dictionary, then it becomes significant in the context of contemporary world. On that basis, it’s difficult to find its synonym at present. Perhaps, ‘Kakistocracy’ could be a closer word….
Whatever the human civilisation has achieved – from the legacy of democracy to the flourish of global trade, secularism and right to the freedom of expression – are in real danger, as a number of contemporary world leaders have decided to immerse those ideas at Mississippi, Volga or the Ganges. They plan to divide the people by creating new walls (sometimes in literary sense). They try to hide their failure in ensuring economic progress and overall prosperity with the help of ultra-nationalism. It would be wrong to consider these people as fool, as they know the political equation and how to make political gains. They just don’t want to understand that they are destroying the entire world only to fulfil their vested interests. These leaders make idiocracy, and not democracy, the most common form of government in the contemporary world.

However, it’s a fact that the character of the government of a country depends on the character of its people! Many of them, who are running the idiocratic systems, are democratically elected rulers. It’s not that they had said something else ahead of the elections, and changed their positions after the polls. The statesman, whose speech has got a few laughs at the world stage, had encouraged many to dream a better future! And the leaders, who have shocked the people with their common sense, had won the voters’ hearts during their election campaigns with the same common sense. Surprisingly, majority of the people did not consider the views of these leaders unacceptable or offensive in the past. So, we can assume that many people still consider their views acceptable. Therefore, we can’t blame the rulers for running an idiocratic system, as the people are equally responsible. Perhaps, majority of the people are ‘idiosyncratic’.

Many believe that communal hatred is much more important than development. So, they think that it’s important to drive the migrants out of the country in order to ensure economic prosperity. It may be said that these people deserve an ‘idiocratic’ ruler! In recent times, an efficient prime minister has been cornered in his country for providing shelters to immigrants.
This is the age in the history of human civilisation when the majority of the people and their rulers think the same way and share similar views on many issues! So, we can’t blame the rulers for establishing an idiocratic system.

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