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She Declares War Against War

They have been experiencing war, bloodshed and bombardments for the last three years. In the war-ravaged West Asian nation, nearly 10.13 million children are in real danger.
Recently, the video of a 13-year-old girl went viral. In the video, Noran (not her real name) called for an end to war in Yemen. The girl – who suffered life-changing injuries in an airstrike on Yemen – is currently wheelchair-bound, as a blast wave knocked her down and seriously damaged her spine. She urged the global community to help resolve the ongoing political crisis in her country, saying: “I call on all the free people around the world to stop the war in Yemen for me and for all the other children in Yemen. It’s our right to learn, it’s our right to build a bright future. I don’t want more children to be injured like me, it is not fair. I don’t want them to be like me.


According to Noran, the war has badly affected those children who have always wanted to live peacefully. “I used to go to school on foot, my life was beautiful because I could walk and write. Now, I can’t walk to school. I can only go with the wheelchair. I used to be able to sit in a chair at my desk and write, but now when I try to write, my hand hurts because of the injury in my back. I used to love writing, but now I can’t even hold a pen,” she stressed.
Although doctors said that the girl would have to undergo a surgery, Noran’s family does not have enough money to bear her medical expenses. Since her father became jobless 18 months ago, it has become increasingly difficult for the family to enjoy a proper meal every day.
Speaking at a press conference organised recently by Save the Children, Noran said that she could not tolerate the shocking noise of fighter jets and gun-fire. “We, the children of Yemen, are fighting hard to survive. We are innocent. We have no role in this war and we did not commit any crime. Our schools have been destroyed and we don’t even enjoy the fundamental rights, such as the right to life, right to health and right to live peacefully.

The girl believes that more children will be killed and more diseases will be spread, if the war continues. So, Noran has urged her countrymen to fight the evil together. She has also requested the decision-makers across the globe to 1) help end the war in Yemen and safeguard child rights, 2) monitor and investigate child abuse, 3) ensure child education and 4) reform the health sector.
Is there anyone who is listening to her?

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