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US Unprepared?

A major part of the United States of America might get destroyed, if North Korea or any other nation – equipped with nuclear armaments – uses a hydrogen bomb all of a sudden! Such an attack could claim thousands of life-forms in Washington DC, Maryland, Virginia and New York within a second! Perhaps, it isn’t possible for the US to prevent a major nuclear attack. Even the country has no adequate medical facilities, trained doctors and nurses to tackle such a situation.
This has been mentioned in a report prepared recently by some American scientists and political experts. They reportedly submitted the report to the concerned authorities during a special meeting jointly organised by the National Academy of Science, Engineering & Medicine and the Homeland Security. The scientists and experts said that they would prepare another report in December for President Donald Trump in which they would prescribe some necessary steps in order to avoid a total destruction.
The report – titled News and Terrorism – says that the US didn’t make adequate preparations to prevent major nuclear attacks after the collapse of the erstwhile Soviet Union. The US government didn’t sanction funds for this purpose. Instead, it has cut the budget by more than 50%.

Speaking at the meeting, public health scientists at Johns Hopkins University Amartya Chatterjee and Arun Srivastava said that Washington was concentrating only on terrorists, who could drop atomic bombs with a yield of 1TNT (kilotonne). However, countries, like North Korea, have atomic bombs with a yield of 180TNT. Tener Goodwin Veenema of Johns Hopkins University, an internationally recognised expert in disaster nursing and public health emergency preparedness, and Dr Cham E Dallas, the Director of the Institute for Disaster Management, too, expressed similar views.
According to Chatterjee, the US can easily tackle a light weight bomb that is not an atom bomb (technically). The Dirty Bomb or Radiological Dispersal Devices (RDDs) can only spread some conventional radioactive materials from the sky. Srivastava also said that North Korea has hydrogen bombs and powerful nuclear bombs which are more dangerous. Both Chatterjee and Srivastava stressed that a 1TNT bomb could trigger a shockwave of 0.2 on the Richter Scale. The heat and initial radiation could be 0.4 and 0.5 rads, respectively, and the radiation level could gradually reach up to 3.4 rad. However, a 10TNT bomb could easily trigger a shockwave of 0.4 on the Richter Scale. In that case, the heat and initial radiation could be 1.1 and 0.8 rads, respectively, and the radiation level could reach up to 6 rad.

Hiroshima, August 1945

Srivastava explained that in case of a powerful bomb, the mushroom cloud – with a radius of more than 3.7km – might spread in the sky and could create a fireball with a radius of 450m. For his part, Chatterjee said that more than 50% of the American doctors and nurses don’t even know how to use medicines to save people from the effects of radioactive substances. And those, who know, won’t visit the affected areas. According to a survey, 33% of the doctors are not ready to treat victims of a nuclear attack only because of the effects of radiation!
Meanwhile, Dr Dallas said that there are 300 burn surgeons in the US and they don’t know how to transplant skin, as skin transplantation is required after a nuclear attack. Moreover, the donor skin is very rare.
Now, the Trump administration is eagerly waiting for the December report. (May be) after receiving the report, the US would go forth in its quest.

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