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Category: Marx

Only If History Could Be Altered!

Human Beings cannot control the flow of events in History… Else, it might have been easier for some to make a trip or two to the Past and to make […]

On Your Marx…

A wage-earner recently boarded a train at the Harvard Square T Station, with a tiffin box and a bag! He got a seat, sans much difficulty, as the train was […]

Leftist Politics: A Crisis?

Evolution of Revolution… Is it possible for Art to predict the Reality… that too, well in advance? Jean-Luc Godard – the French-Swiss Film Director, Screenwriter and Film Critic – went […]

When A ‘Capitalist’ Praised Marx

He is relevant even 200 years after his birth. He is still very much alive. Speaking at an event in Beijing on the 200th birth anniversary of Karl Marx on […]