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Category: Israel

Cultural Diplomacy?

Does the Shiite Crescent, a term used to describe a geopolitical entity consisting of Iran, Bahrain, Iraq, Syria, and Lebanon, represent the mainstay of of Iran’s expansionist strategy in West […]

A Girl Of Indian Origin…

Nitsha Muliyasha, a 20-year-old Indian-origin girl, is fighting against enemies thousands miles away from home as she is part of Israel’s Defence Forces Team. The Israeli Armed Forces (IDF) bombed […]

IsBN: Chapter Of A Book On West Asia?

Putting an end to its 12-year-long political crisis, Israel recently got a new Government as outgoing Prime Minister Benjamin ‘Bibi’ Netanyahu lost by a narrow margin! The 49-year-old Hard-Right Jewish […]

Dangers Presented?

Russia is planning to supply an Advanced Satellite System to Iran in an attempt to greatly boost the latter’s ability to track potential military targets across West Asia and beyond. […]

A Lull Before The Storm

West Asia or Middle East has remained uncharacteristically quiet for some time during the second wave of COVID-19 Pandemic, except for the 11-day Israel-Palestine conflict. Perhaps, it is because of […]

Peace Given More Than Just A ‘Chance’…

The Two-State Policy is the only way to resolve the problem. US President Joe Biden has made the remark about the recent Israel-Palestinian conflict. Benjamin Bibi Netanyahu’s Interim Government agreed […]

Terrorism, Zionism & Jingoism

West Asia recently faced a storm, yet again! People, living in the region, witnessed another relentless Arab-Jewish conflict and resistance for 11 days. It seems that rocket attacks have become […]

Witnessed By This Unjust World

পাঁচ মাসের ওমরের আছে ভাগ্যজোর,বেঁচে গেলি তুই, সামলে রাখিস জীবন তোর… He has been rescued from the arms of his dead mother… there are three fractures in one of his […]


In what may be seen as a diplomatic and strategic setback for India, the South Asian Nation has lost Farzad-B Gas Field in Iran that was discovered in 2008 by […]