A ‘Jewel Box’, This Time!

A man was trekking in the Mount Blanc, and while hiking the des Bossons glacier, he, suddenly, stumbled upon a metal box lying under the ice. The man had no […]

For The Benefit Of Future Generation

A huge Black Box is being set up on the Australian island of Tasmania to inform the next generation or anyone from other parts of the solar system about how […]

Reopened, With A Depleted Collection!

Since coming to Power in August 2021, the Taliban have decided to showcase the rich history of Afghanistan, allowing the National Museum to reopen. The Taliban fighters, who had destroyed […]

Connected, After A Wrong Call

Gladys Hankerson had disconnected the phone after hearing the voice of a stranger, when she dialled a wrong number. The 40-year-old man from Rhode Island, holding a bouquet of flowers […]

Rising Up To Face The Challenge

Coordinating Economic Interests with defending Democratic Values in relationship with China seems difficult for Germany. Well, it is not so, believes Japan, which has shown the world that one should […]

Promising Higher Skies

It seems that Hanoi has decided to come out of the shadow of the Vietnam War (1955-75), as far as its relation with Washington DC is concerned. In a rare […]

For A ‘Wrong Conception’

Why was she allowed to be born, and why was her mother allowed to give birth to her? A young woman asked these questions to London High Court while filing […]

While Sifting Through Dirt

It is not easy for a child to realise the value of ancient artefacts. However, Liel Krutokop is different. Liel, an 11-year-old Israeli girl, recently found a silver coin that […]