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Gateway To Another Dimension

Ellensburg is a small town on the Pacific coast near the western tip of North America. The town in western Washington is popularly known as the final end of the world. According to an urban legend, there is a mysterious bottomless pit in this town. Many have claimed that no attempt has been made to solve the mystery.

Coast to Coast AM is a popular American late-night radio talk show that deals with a variety of topics, related mainly to paranormal activities and conspiracy theories. A person, named Mel Waters, appeared as a guest on this show on February 21, 1997. He was the first to mention the mysterious hole in Ellensburg. Waters claimed that he owned some land on the edge of the town, about 14km west of Ellensburg, and the strange bottomless pit was there in his land. Waters further claimed to have measured its depth using fishing line and a weight, although he still had not hit bottom by the time 80,000 feet of line had been used. Then, he came to the conclusion that the hole was indeed bottomless.

Waters also made several other sensational claims about the hole, triggering an overwhelming response. Mel’s Hole became the topic of discussions in other parts of the globe. According to Waters, the pit mouth is not very wide, as its shape is similar to that of a normal well. No abnormality can be found in this well when seen from outside. Meanwhile, Waters stated that the hole led to an unknown world. He appeared in three more shows in 1997, 2000 and 2002, and made the same claim about the hole.

According to Waters, he experienced a strange thing happening in that hole. He exclaimed at the Bell’s show that his neighbour’s dead dog had been seen alive sometime after it was thrown into the hole. After Waters made such a claim, many started to believe that the hole in Ellensburg “hides the door to another world“. Another life, possibly, begins there after death.

However, the Local Administration rejected Waters’ claims regarding the hole. The magical properties of the hole (as claimed by Waters) prompted US Federal agents to seize the land and fund Waters’ relocation to Australia. No person, named Mel Waters, is mentioned in official records in the US. Later investigation revealed that no such person was listed as residing in that area. Even the town officials of Ellensburg do not acknowledge the existence of such a hole.

Several people, including Gerald R Osborne (who used the ceremonial name Red Elk), also claimed to have seen the hole. Once, Osborne told reporters in 2012 that he had visited the pit many times since 1961. According to Osborne, the US Government maintained a top secret base there, where alien activities take place. Now, Mel’s Hole exists as a legend, “based on no evidence at all“.

Whether there was such a hole in Ellensburg at all, whether there really was a person, named Mel Waters, whether he appeared on the radio show under a pseudonym… all these information have never been made public.

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