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On The Other Extreme…

The normal human brain, in general, does not prefer to have negative thoughts, like Militancy or Extremist Views… rather, brains of those people, who possess militant thoughts, cannot always perform complex tasks! In other words, people with extremist views are less able to complete complex mental tasks, always. A recent study carried out by the University of Cambridge has revealed this. The Research Paper has recently been published in Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, a biweekly peer-reviewed scientific journal published by the Royal Society.

Researchers have found that human brain determines the Ideology one believes in… be it Nationalist or Global or any form of Orthodoxy. There is also a special type of signalling system in the human brain, so that it can perform its functions in a normal way. The system does not depend on age, gender, class, race, et al…

A Mind Map

The research has been carried out on 330 people for two weeks in the US. According to sources close to the University of Cambridge, those people were between 22 and 63 years old. They were assigned to do 37 Neuropsychological tasks. The tasks were engineered to be neutral, not emotional or political – they involved, for instance, memorising visual shapes. Later, the researchers conducted 22 personality surveys before reaching the final conclusion.

Researchers have discovered that brains of those accustomed to militant activities are not only incapable of performing complex tasks, but also cannot recognise many colours, except black and white! They tend to understand only two extremes. Their brains do not desire to realise the fact that there may be something in between… Lead Author Dr Leor Zmigrod at Cambridge’s Department of Psychology said: “Individuals or brains that struggle to process and plan complex action sequences may be more drawn to extreme ideologies, or authoritarian ideologies that simplify the world.” She stressed on another feature of people with tendencies towards extremism, which was that they were not good at regulating their emotions. As per the study, they were impulsive and tended to seek out emotionally evocative experiences. “And so, that kind of helps us understand what kind of individual might be willing to go in and commit violence against innocent others,” she added.

Human Brain

Dr Zmigrod explained that participants, who were prone to dogmatism, would stick to their ways and, in the process, would try to resist credible evidence, as they already were nurturing a problem with processing evidence even at a perceptual level. “For example, when they’re asked to determine whether dots (as part of a neuropsychological task) are moving to the left or to the right, they just took longer to process that information and come to a decision,” she told the press.

Dr Zmigrod and her team arrived at the conclusion that the psychological signature for extremism across the board was basically a blend of conservative and dogmatic psychologies!

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