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Where Have All The Santas Gone?

Santa Clauses are not available in eastern part of Germany… even advertisements have failed to attract them! Like the Americans, Germans are not interested in deploying Santa Clauses in big stores during the Christmas. Usually, the German parents invite Santas to attend Christmas parties at their residences. And mostly college students accept the invitation and entertain children to earn pocket money. However, members of the younger generation have started refusing such invitations as they are concentrating only on studies. They are no longer interested in wearing the red-coloured dress and a long white beard. Now, the young people want to spend time with their family members during Christmas holidays. Moreover, they have lost interest in religious customs. So, Europe may experience a shortage of Santas.
Perhaps, losing interest in religious customs is not the only reason…
Children no more enjoy the company of their old friend who – along with his elves – used 750 sleighs to deliver the gifts once upon a time. Now, the old saint has become a marketing machine of the annual religious festival! Whether the children can realise this fact is a different question. The youths are not ready to do this meaningless job for money. As a result, the children miss their homely, social and sweet relation with Santa Clause.

In the past, a member of the family – wearing a red dress and a white beard – used to entertain well-behaved children and to distribute gifts among them, and the children congratulated his innocent act with applause. Now, the Santas are paid on an hourly basis for their performance. Several organisations of Santa-actors have also been formed in Europe. These organisations verify the identity of their members (Santas) for the sake of safety and security of children.
Now-a-days, a person receives proper training before performing the Santa’s role so that no one can accuse the Santa of misbehaving with children. In other words, Santas have become very much professional. In the US, Santas have to perform in big stores for 10 hours a day, as they entertain nearly 30,000 children in three months!
A professional Santa recently said that he would charge for entertaining each child. For him, the time is valuable. The performer also said that he would not allow children to talk about irrelevant issues with him. Another Santa complained that he got exhausted after carrying the gifts. Earlier, he used to carry gifts for four children in a single basket. And now, he carries gifts for one child in four baskets! The third Santa urged the parents to tell their children not to suck his thumb.

The modern Santas cannot relate themselves with children’s dream or requirements. Elderly people used to play the role of Santa in order to delude the children… it was a sweet trick. Even in the absence of the funny man from the North Pole, children had an emotional connection with him. Today, the Santa considers children as his consumers.
Who want to cheat the children?
Meanwhile, it is still not clear whether Belarus, Egypt, Ethiopia, Georgia, Kazakhstan, Macedonia, Moldova, Montenegro, Serbia, Russia, Ukraine and Armenia will face a similar crisis when they observe Orthodox Christmas on January 7, 2019 as per the Julian calendar.

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