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Significant Insignia!

It has been mentioned many a times that the mental state of a person has an impact on his/her handwriting! According to graphologists, mental condition and circumstances influence a person’s handwriting and signature. In other words, our handwritings change, if there is a change in our surroundings.
The signature of then US President Richard Nixon reportedly changed after the Watergate Scandal in the early 1970s. Graphologists believe that professional and personal crises had an impact on the president’s signature!

What’s your angle? Graphology psychology

When a person submits his/her resignation to the higher authorities under different circumstances, his/her characteristics come out from the dormant condition and become visible in that person’s signature. Graphologists explain that a person’s handwriting or signature reflects various characteristics – such as ‘sense of honour’, ‘need to express about himself’ (or herself) and ‘feeling of self protection’ – of that person. Even, the signature reflects a person’s anxiety regarding his/her professional life.
Swapan Kumar Chanda, the Indian Clinical Graphologist, is of the opinion that the style of writing of a person may change in a particular stage of his/her life. “There is nothing called hand-writing. It’s basically brain-writing… Our brain decides the type, form, shape and pattern of our writing,” stressed Chanda.

The psychology of handwriting

William Thierry Preyer (July 4, 1841-July 15, 1897) – an English-born physiologist who worked in Germany – made a similar claim in 1895, saying that the brain controls our writing styles. He taught some people – who lost both of their hands in accidents – how to write with mouths or legs. Dr Preyer found that his students tried to follow their original writing style even with other parts of their bodies!
Meanwhile, former head (Psychology Department) of Calcutta University (India) Nilanjana Sanyal has said that if a person is under tremendous mental pressure, then his/her signature will certainly reflect the person’s mental condition. According to Sanyal, the style of writing helps us understand a person’s mental condition.

Donald Trump signature analysis

The subject Linguistics has a section called Neuro-linguistics. The way our brain works, it has an impact on our writing styles. That’s why different organisations, schools, colleges and the Police Departments often seek help from graphologists. Sometimes, they send ‘questioned documents’ to graphologists to identify the original one. As the writing style of a person differs with others’, graphologists can easily verify the original documents, as well as the forged documents. For example, people – associated with public relations – have a tendency to write the first letter (of their signature) in a strong way.

President Nixon’s signature

Although the original style of the letter (or hand-writing) of a person remains unchanged, their patterns change in case of problems or in crisis situation. It happened with President Nixon. It became difficult to separate each letter of his signature after the former US president resigned. The letters became parallel to each other… as it implies that he was devastated, in a way!

Napoleon Bonaparte’s signatures

Napoleon Bonaparte, too, was in a similar situation! There was a change in his signature after the Battle of Waterloo (1815) that prompted a psychologist to say: “He starts out Napoleon Bonaparte and ends up Napoleon Blownaparte (blown apart)!”

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