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A Rub In A Wrong Manner

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is trying hard to give a new face of Saudi Arabia aimed at the Western world, primarily, dazzling them with all the buttons that they want to hear pushed about entrepreneurship, liberalism and moderate Islam. The crown prince believes that his efforts will help the West Asian nation emerge as a liberal nation in near future. Perhaps, he is wrong…….
Saudi Arabia recently sentenced some women to death by stoning, whipped peaceful activists brutally and bombed a school bus, carrying pupils, in Yemen. And when Canada condemned the latest Saudi jailing of women activists, the concerned authorities in Riyadh took actions against Canadian diplomats stationed there! The message was clear: set an example of anyone who dares stand up to them.

Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

It seems that the time has come for the global community to stand with Canada and to demand the release of human rights activists. The global community should also call to expel Saudi Arabia from the UN Human Rights Council and to impose sanctions on the country, if the abuse continues.
It’s the duty of the democratic world, which respects human rights, to teach rogue states, like Saudi Arabia, a lesson so that it follows the international law and safeguards the basic human rights. With the Saudis targeting Canada, the rest of the world’s democracies should remain unite and take joint action against the rogue state.

The most important thing will be to initiate the expulsion of Saudi Arabia from the UN Human Rights Council, as the Saudis actually control women’s rights committees. People have been heard vociferating that the country should also be expelled from the Human Rights Council.
The European Parliament has already imposed a ban on arms sales to Saudi Arabia. Perhaps, it was the first time when the continent stood up to Saudi oil and did the right thing. Now, the global community should take a cue from Europe and try to ensure a bright future of justice. Human rights should prevail over the totalitarian regime that Saudi Arabia is pushing on the world.

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