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Category: Kurds

The Caliph, With Many Lives…

US President Donald Trump announced on October 27 that Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, the leader of the violent Jihadist group Islamic State (IS), had died during an overnight raid led by the US forces in Syria, along with the news of his likely successor with nom de guerre Abu Hassan al-Muhajir getting killed by the American airstrike, while reportedly getting smuggled across Northern Syria. The question now arises naturally: Will these deaths make the world a safer place?

Bloodbath On, Atrocities At Galore

Well, it is just a small room made of wood at the back of a hospital in the north-eastern Syrian town of Ras al-Ain. Recently, this room has been turned […]


It may well be conjectured that the life of Fatma Emin changed forever, after her husband was killed by the ISIS in a land mine explosion in Syria. And after […]

On Movements & Locomotion…

She could casually take strolls even three weeks ago… well, now, she cannot! However, she is not ready to suppress her plight. The 55-year-old Leyla Güven’s hunger strike entered its […]

The Migrant Mathematician!

The word refugee is closely related to civil war, partition and freedom movement…… Perhaps, another concept has been added to this list – mathematics. The Fields Medal is known as […]