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Category: Italy

Pandemic, People & Politics…

No one can possibly learn History entirely by heart, but History does teach human beings more than a thing or two. Pandemics had torn apart family bonds in the past, […]

Another Exceptional Discovery!

A 2,000-year-old ceremonial chariot, almost intact, has recently been unearthed in Pompeii, a vast archaeological site in southern Italy’s Campania region near the coast of the Bay of Naples. Archaeologists […]


Her Mother was the then State Secretary of the Party… she, once, landed a slap on her daughter’s face when the latter asked her a somewhat awkward question. The Mother […]

Excavated & Inferred!

They were lying in a layer of gray ash at least 2mt deep for the last 2,000 years, unnoticed! The Officials in Italy recently discovered their skeletal remains during excavation […]

Link Established & Seal-ed…

A ring, quite similar to the one worn by the First Emperor of Ancient Rome Augustus Caesar or Octavian (September 23, 63 BC – August 19, 14 AD), has recently […]

On Love, Ethics & Survival

An old man is seen languishing inside the prison, while his young daughter, tightly holding her little baby, is standing on the other side of the bar. One can easily […]

The Moral Crisis

Rumour … but, with more than a grain of truth! It is heard that Italy has allowed its senior citizens, affected by the Coronavirus, to die without much treatment. The […]

Human Psychology…

An evening in 1974… some people were constructing a spectacular supernatural scene at the Moreira Estudio in Naples, Italy. A 28-year-old lady was standing like a statue at the centre […]

De Formed!

Francesco ‘Frank’ Lentini (May 18, 1889 – September 21, 1966) was the fifth, or rather the fifth and part of the sixth of 12 children (seven sisters and five brothers) […]