India Allocates USD 150bln To Modernise Army

The Narendra Modi government recently allowed around 200 executives of private-sector defence companies to get access to Indian Army bases, as they climbed into tanks and talked to combat soldiers. […]

India Slams China For Violating NSG Rules

India has strongly criticised China for violating NSG (Nuclear Suppliers Group) rules by supplying nuclear reactors to Pakistan. New Delhi said on Monday that Beijing’s move was against the NPT […]

Russia To Help India Upgrade Sukhoi Fleet

India is holding talks with Russia for upgrading the Indian Air Force’s (IAF) 194 Sukhoi Su-30MKI multi-role aircraft with the near fifth-generation level. A senior Indian Defence Ministry official told […]

Number Of Atheists Decreasing In India

India is popularly known as a land of believers. In India, religion is characterised by a diversity of religious beliefs and practices. Unlike developed countries where atheism replaces religion, religious […]

Nepal Trying To Normalise India-China Ties

Nepal, the landlocked South Asian country with a population of 26.4 million, is trying hard to normalise ties between India and China. With the two Asian powers vying to outsmart […]

India Cautious, As China Spreads Wings

India is closely monitoring the Chinese activities, as the Asian giant has unveiled world’s largest seaplane, beefing up its strategic reach to South China Sea and Indian Ocean. Last week, […]

China Urges India To Maintain Peace

A couple of days after India positioned around 100 tanks in Ladakh near the Sino-Indian border, China has urged India to maintain peace and stability in the region. Senior spokesperson […]