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Month: April 2023

The Sea Grave

A Japanese ship, with 1,060 people onboard, capsized during the Second World War. More than 84 years have passed since then. However, the ship remained untraced in all these years. […]

The Exchange Rate

Denis Manturov, the Russian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Trade and Industry, was heard mentioning that having a Rupee-Ruble System was not being sufficient for trade between India and […]

El Niño & La Niña

A number of coastal Indian cities experienced more than 40 degree Celsius of temperature in April 2023. The temperature increased every day in the absence of rainfalls in those cities. […]

De-Dollarisation Of World Economy

The de-dollarisation of the world economy was a central theme of the Schiller Institute International Conference, held on April 15-16, 2023. While deals have already been struck among several nations […]

The Destabilising Civil War In Sudan

The death toll is constantly rising in Sudan. Unlike Turkey or Syria, the northeast African nation has experienced no natural disasters in recent times. However, a civil war between the […]

German Blueprint For Development

At a time when the major global powers are constantly showcasing their nuclear might, Germany has switched off the last three Power Reactors, bringing an end to its Nuclear Era. […]

Diplomatic Friendship

French President Emmanuel Jean-Michel Frédéric Macron hit the headlines by making controversial comments about Taiwan on April 9, 2023. On April 12, the President clarified that he stood by his […]

Mummies: In Another Light

Neither researchers started studying Egyptian Mummies, nor the historians recognised them in the 19th Century. At that period of time, street vendors used to sell mummies openly in the northern […]

Cloudburst In Asian Sky

Socotra (or Soqotra) is an archipelago, consisting of several small and large islands, of the Republic of Yemen in the Indian Ocean. This archipelago is famous for its natural diversity, […]